Development Applications

Whatever your proposal, LCTP can prepare and co-ordinate the lodgement of your Development Application. Development Applications can be prepared for all residential, commercial, industrial and rural projects.

Council Negotiations

If you require expert assistance with making an enquiry concerning the development potential of your land, regularising unauthorised building works, or making a submission to a Council, LCTP can help.


If subdivision is your goal LCTP are the experts. Lee Carmichael has extensive experience and expertise with land subdivision proposals.


Rezoning land can be a difficult process to endure. It makes sense to hire a professional town planner to prepare your rezoning submission. LCTP can prepare rezoning submissions and negotiate the rezoning process on your behalf with your local Council

Reports and Documents

  • Development Applications
  • Statements of Environmental Effects
  • Visual Impact Statements
  • Car parking studies
  • Variations to Council Policy
  • Objection letters


  • New Offices
  • Licenced Premises
  • Cafes & Restraunts
  • Shops / Retail
  • Medical Centres
  • Change of Building Use


  • Rural Dwellings
  • Agricultural Enterprises Dairies
  • Turf Farming
  • Farm Machinary Sheds
  • Flood Refuge Mounds
  • Dams


  • New Dwellings
  • Dual Occupancies
  • Flats / Villas / Townhouses
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Multi Storey Buildings
  • Granny Flats
  • Home Occupations


  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Boundary Adjustments
  • Dual Occupancy Subdivisions
  • Strata Title
  • Community Title


  • Industrial Buildings
  • Hazardous Industries
  • Heavy Transport Terminals
  • Warehouses